Your Privacy and Security are of the Utmost Importance

Krptic incorporates additional enhancements:

- TOR network available to further enhance security and anonymity

- Innovative Transaction Timing feature allows you to set up future crypto currency transfers

- Screen capturing and recording is prevented through built-in security systems

- Your private key is vaulted in the impenetrable security of the operating system.

Your identity is the only key to your digital wallet using Infallible biometric authentication.

Uses Finnovant's Say-Tec voice and face biometric protection technology to safely secure your assets.

Log-in using facial and voice biometric recognition without being connected to a network.

This technology uses the unique physical facial and voice characteristics of each individual to generate the only bio-key of the Krptic wallet.

This is the highest level of safety.

Investment Assistance

Accurate market data and price change alarms give users an edge for investing.

Unequaled Coverage of Digital Currencies

Krptic supports over 100 digital currencies including all the most popular ones.

Perfect support for DAPP

Full function Wallet Connect, Web 3j and DAPP browsers support popular DAPPs worldwide.